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croydon-homepageIntroducing to all of our Croydon CR4 customers, a new and improved carpet cleaning service by Local Cleaners Croydon Ltd., that now comes with a full array of professional grade treatments, last day calls, deposit free visits and each month a new chance to save some money and still get a premium quality cleaning job. Now offering fully bio-degradable sanitization of hard floor, carpet, rug, mattress and any other surface in your home, all at affordable and competitive rates. Enjoy our carpet cleaning service under the protection of our comprehensive insurance covering all aspects of our interaction.

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Benefits of Carpet Cleaning Service in Croydon CR0

Tracking in mud and dirt is just a part of owning a home, it's bound to happen, with our top of the line deep carpet cleaning machines and detergents we can make sure that no trace of the aforementioned is leftover. With a carpet cleaning service like ours, you can expect to enjoy:

  • Evenly cleaned large areas
  • No more mold growth
  • A complete carpet overhaul
  • Carpet fiber treatment
  • Special conditioners

Local Cleaners Croydon Ltd also provides a special carpet fiber protection detergent called Scotchgard engineered to protect the clean effects for an extended period of time, saving you time and money.

Service details

local-cleaners-croydon-homeDry carpet cleaning service- is utilized on projects involving sensitive and delicate materials like satin, cotton, and silk. They are prone to shrinkage from water and colour damage from heat, this is why we implement a dry, cold treatment which takes advantage of the natural fibers found in the carpet, by binding with the stains but leaving the textile of the carpet intact. Because it makes a strong bond with the stain's prickles, it allows us to better remove stains and resolve issues without damaging the carpet. It's fast, uses no water and, in fact, removes excess moisture from the carpet without making it too dry - the ideal cleaning combination.

Steam carpet cleaning service - has a wide application with carpet as it can cover a wide area quick, and still resolve issues with stains, dirt and dust accumulations, remove odours and even deal with dull colours and slight discolorations. Used in conjunction with one of our 50 specialised carpet cleaning detergents, we can do miracles on a carpet. A narrow nozzle helps with the application, and while it blasts away it also sucks all of the excess moisture and gunk away, leaving only a small portion to be dried by an open window or if you insist on speedy drying, by using our air movers.

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