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Curtain Cleaning Services in Croydon CR0

curtain-cleaning-croydonLike big air filters, curtains catch a lot of the circulating dust and grime that is brought up from walking around the house. Equally as efficient they can catch odours and keep them dormant for months, lingering in the room. You don't have to tolerate this in your home, call we can be on the scene within an hour or so, removing any staining or odours that might be stuck in your curtain. With the use of all natural cleaning detergents, our cleaners can extract deeply imbedded filth and rejuvenate the fibres of your curtain.
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Benefits of Booking Curtain Cleaning in Croydon, Greater London

In addition to the different treatments our curtain cleaning service supports, you also get a lot of use out of our many detergents. Some have fibres beneficial effects, others are created to protect you and treat allergen infested surfaces, and there are benefits like:

  • Stain and dust accumulation prevention
  • Sunlight protection
  • Fibre deprivation prevention
  • Odour extraction and replacement
  • Anti-allergenic therapies

If you want to find out more about these benefits and how they work or to learn more information about our curtain cleaning service, contact us at 020 3746 8224 and ask the friendly customer rep anything.

Service Details

Dry curtain cleaning - in order to properly clean using this treatment, we have to take the curtain down from their rulings and put them on a flat surface. Then and only then we can administer the dry compound detergent used in the cleaning of gentle and easy to damage textiles that do not fair well against water and heat exposure like silk and satin. To apply the cleaning detergent, we use a fine brush that imbeds it into the fibres of the curtain and binds it with any staining that is present in the textiles. It creates a reaction between the two that allows the detergent to bind with the stain, removing its bonds from the fibres and alleviating any discolourations that might have occurred. After done, we put the curtain back on free of charge.

Steam curtain cleaning - with this treatment we do not have to take the curtain down, but instead, can clean the drapes as they are. Using a portable steam curtain cleaning machine with a narrow stream optimising nozzle, we can extract food colouring staining, greasy, synthetic and engine oil stains and any odour know to mankind. It's fast, efficient and causes no wrinkling to the textile.

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