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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We have a wide selection of detergents at our disposal and can successfully remove any staining, discoloration dirt and grime accumulations and even bed bugs from the surfaces and fibers of your home carpets and furniture.

A: We prefer that we handle all of the machines and detergents, though we'd appreciate if you moved heavier furniture away from our cleaning path as to expedite the cleaning process.

A: We use all bio-degradable detergents and cleaning agents, they leave no trace in the fibers of your home and have no harmful chemicals or posses any toxins. In short: No, you'll be just fine.

A: No, we do not require that customer leave a deposit before we clean, we prefer to be paid after the job is done and you are fully satisfied.

A: Not really, as long as you have access to the location we are cleaning in during the time of our arrival and we can park in reasonable distance, you should be fine.

A: If you want a detailed explanation of the detergents that we use, give us a call to 020 3746 8224 and everything will be explained there.