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Mattress Cleaning Service in Croydon CR0

mattress-cleaning-croydonIt's estimated that we spend more than 1/3 of our lives in bed, either sleeping or daydreaming. It's sane to want that time spent be enjoyable and not ruined by the presence of bed bugs, dust mites or any other kind of critters in your mattress. Local Cleaners Croydon Ltd. is a dedicated mattress cleaning service that has a special treatment for cases of bed bug infestations. With a proven effectiveness over the years, we are confident that we can bring a lot to the table in Croydon CR0.
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Benefits of mattress cleaning in Croydon CR0

This service focuses on safety, and you would be glad to know that the treatment has been deemed safe for usage on baby and pet beds, using only natural, bio-degradable ingredients and detergents as mattress cleaning solutions. You can also enjoy:

  • Bed bug and dust mite free mattress
  • Pillow treatment
  • Household textile cleaning
  • Dust and hair removal
  • Odour neutralisation therapies

And a guarantee that you will get a 100% bed bug-free bed mattress, and not at the expense of the health and well-being of your gamily or the environment for that matter.

Service Information

U.V Lights treatment - as mentioned above we strive to clean without actually using any harmful substances, and so far we've managed to achieve that by either using all natural mattress cleaning bioproducts, or by the utilisation of our professional U.V light emitting bulbs. They are often seen in laboratories as ways of sterilization, and have a proven effect on pests and microbes in mattresses, without harming the mattress and its fibers. Unlike naturally occurring U.V lights, these ones are human made and have been calibrated in a way that does not interfere with the colours or condition of textiles and fabrics.

Steam cleaning - on the other hand does use a detergent, however, it is a bio-degradable mattress cleaning detergent that does not leave any trace after its been extracted, fully removing stains and any other contaminants from the fibers of the mattress, while also sanitizing it and killing any odour producing microbes. This is an overall great way of cleaning mattresses though there is some drying involved since steam is used. We do our best to remove it immediately after it has been used, and have managed to extract 95% of the moisture at all times.

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