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Excellent Upholstery Cleaning in Croydon CR0

local-cleaners-croydonFamily can be a wonderful thing, but one downfall of having a lot of people over is that inevitably someone will stain the sofa, but that's a good problem to have. If you want it deals with quickly and without a hassle, better use Local Cleaners Croydon Ltd.

Call for our professional upholstery cleaning service in Croydon CR0 020 3746 8224, it's fast, efficient and saves you time and money.


Benefits of booking upholstery cleaning in Croydon

There is a reason to everything, and a good reason for having a clean sofa is simple - a sanitary environment for you and your family. Even pet hairs, odours and stains are not a match to our upholstery cleaning techniques and detergents. Enjoy more than just that, enjoy:

  • Deep fiber cleaning
  • Leather treatment
  • Stain removal
  • Complete odour removal therapies
  • Furniture is clean for longer

With the help of our custom  cleaning detergent and conditioner Scotchgard, we are able to prolong the effects of our visit by 45% and prevent dirt from sticking to the upholstery as easily.

Upholstery Cleaning Details

Leather upholstery cleaning and treatment - like any other piece of the upholstery, regardless of quality and age, leather will wear and over time lose its elasticity making it more rigid and likely to tear and scale. This we can prevent by using a moisturizing conditioner that rejuvenates the pores of the leather promoting a more flexible environment that is significantly more resistant to stretching and can hold its own without tearing and getting scuffs. To apply the conditioner we use a microfiber, and with circular motions on a clockwise orientation we apply it on the leather of your sofa. All of the excess detergent is then wiped away with the cloth and the sofa and leather upholstery are left to dry for a bit so it can soak up all the necessary moisture in.

Steam upholstery cleaning service- using a steam jet we have the ability to reach hard to get to nooks and crannies in the upholstery, extracting human hairs, gathered dust and dirt, while also preventing dirt and allergens from spreading into your clothes and skin. It also freshens the colours of the upholstery by quite a bit, doing exceedingly well against colour dullness and slight discolorations. Because it uses moisture it does require some drying, but because we extract 95% of the used water, only about 3 hours of drying are required for the upholstery to be ready for usage.

How to Book This Service:

To book this upholstery cleaning service in Croydon CR0 and any of its treatments, you can either use the booking form and submit it or connect us at 020 3746 8224 and simply request it. There you can get a free quote, information about the upholstery cleaning service and how we do things and info on deals and offers regarding this treatment.

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